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Gate & Fence Annex

Gate and Fence Annex

Solutions For Today's Project

Sculptural Gate

Sculptural Gates has partnered with a few select suppliers to offer you a wider variety of choices for your gate and fencing needs. Sculptural Gates will purchase and install any of these products on your behalf or we can custom make the same design. Availability is subject to supplier stock on hand.

Gate Depot

These designs were originally conceived by Sculptural Gates and are now being mass manufactured and sold by Gate Depot. These gates weigh between 250 and 500 pounds and feature German “Interpon” powder coat finish. Gate Depot manufactures both driveway gates and garden gates.

Gate Showroom

Gate Showroom produces a wide variety of custom styles in made-to-order sizes and configurations. The gates come standard with a Zinc/Epoxy/Urethane Finish. The Gate Showroom facility manufactures driveway gates, garden gates, and fencing. Password is 'todd'.

Ameristar Montage

Ameristar has a diverse assortment of high quality fencing styles available. We find that the Montage Plus line is a great compliment to any of our gates. Their E-Coat finish provides superior corrosion resistance and is backed by a 20 year warranty. The panels are also biasable (slantable) up to 48” allowing the fence line to follow grade. Ameristar manufactures fencing, driveway gates, and garden gates in both steel and aluminum.


Cornerstone has a wide range of standard gates available for immediate shipment. The gates are galvanized and powder coated and made from 11 gauge 2” frame tube with ¾” fully welded pickets. Cornerstone manufactures driveway gates, garden gates, and fencing in both aluminum and steel.


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