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Solar Power And Battery Backup

Sculptural Gate

Sculptural Gates provides custom designed solar energy power systems for gates and other remote devices. We also provide custom battery backup systems for existing electrically powered devices. A brief description of both technologies and the relevant concerns are as follows:

Solar Power Systems

Solar energy systems for remote locations need to provide usable power 24 hours a day. The solar array and the batteries need to be properly sized to ensure that the batteries always have sufficient charge. This is especially important during the winter months when the time of available sunlight is decreased and rainy / overcast conditions hinder the amount of sunlight provided to the solar panels.

Solar panels convert sunlight to electricity. That electricity is used to charge storage batteries and power the system. The larger the solar array, the quicker the batteries will recharge. The larger the battery bank, the longer the system will operate without a recharge.

Battery Backup Systems

Power outages can and do occur in the Northern California area. The time span of these outages can range from a few seconds to several days. Battery backup systems are employed to provide an alternate line power source in the event of such an outage.

Line power is used to power the system and charge the storage batteries. When line power is lost, an electronic module directs the batteries to provide system power through a voltage inverter. When line power is restored, the batteries and inverter are switched off and the backup system reverts to normal (charge and wait) operation. The larger the battery bank, the longer the system will operate without a recharge.


While Sculptural Gates primarily installs solar energy systems and battery backup systems for automatic gates, we can also provide those types of energy systems for other uses, such as wells, lighting, electric fences, outbuildings, and so forth.

Contact us to arrange for a system evaluation and cost estimate. Sculptural Gates will examine your system requirements and provide an alternate energy system that is fully capable of supplying your electrical needs.


Solar Panel With Powder Coated Steel Mast And Lockable Battery Enclosures

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